Team-Based Home Care

Our caregivers are empowered
to work together and support each other

How can we take good care of your loved one?

Our focus is a team-based approach for in-home care for seniors. We are a local company, with service areas in Boston Metro, Metro West, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, and Needham. Read the example stories below to see the different levels of care we offer. You can learn more about how to assess the level of care needed for your loved one here.

Mr. Carter’s Story

Mr. Carter, a 75-year old veteran, lives alone since his wife passed away two years ago. One day, his daughter, Katie, stopped by and noticed that her dad forgot to take hypertension medications and the home was messy: the kitchen sink full of used dishes and dirty pots, smelly clothes all over the place, and dirty floors.

“Dad, how are you doing?” she asked while picking up the clothes from the living room floor, “It doesn’t smell good in here.”

“I know, honey. I am slower now, and my back hurts if I bend down too much,” Mr. Carter replied.

“I can help you when I am here… Hey, do you want me to find someone to come here to clean the place when I am busy? I can pay for the services,” Katie suggested.

“Not a bad idea. It would be great if you could help me find someone. I am getting old now, aren’t I?” Mr. Carter acknowledged the need to his daughter.

– Assistance with light housekeeping and medication reminders:

In this case, our staff can help with housekeeping tasks and medication reminders; it will be one or two visits and several hours of help per week.

Mrs. Martinez’s Story

Mrs. Martinez, in her 70’s, was diagnosed with dementia a year ago when she was hospitalized because of pneumonia. Sometimes, she has difficulty finding the right words to express herself; Mrs. Martinez’s personality has changed over the last few months, and she becomes irritative or even combative occasionally. Her husband Joe has been his caregiver and is taking care of her on a 24/7 basis. He cares about his wife but has a feeling that he has already lost her due to her inability to communicate and the unexpected emotional challenges. Last week, she even tried to hit him when he was feeding her. He is tired, frustrated, and feels hopeless.

– Assistance with respite care:

In this case, our staff can provide respite care for Joe so that he can take a break, get social support, and recharge himself;  it will be 1 to 2 days of service every two weeks, depending on his needs.

Mr. Wilson’s Story

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are in their early 90s and live together in their home. Mr. Wilson had several strokes last year; he cannot express himself well due to the strokes and needs help with bathing, getting around the home, as well as personal hygiene. Mrs. Wilson has been taking care of her husband since then. Unfortunately, while heading down the basement for laundry last week, Mrs. Wilson fell down the stairs and broke her left arm. After discharge from a hospital, she has to stay at a rehabilitation center for three months and can’t take care of Mr. Wilson right now. Their closest son, living in North Carolina, came home last week but has to leave in two days to return to work. Mr. Wilson needs immediate help.

– Assistance with activities of daily living:

In this case, our staff can help Mr. Wilson with activities of daily living; depending on needs, it will be one or two visits and 6 to 8 hours of service per day or live-in care.

What are our home care service offerings?

We offer technology-enabled team-based care for in-home seniors who need daily living assistance such as bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, medication reminders, and other care needs.

Personal Care

Meal Preparation

Light Housecleaning

Errands and Transportation

Companion Care

Medication Reminder

Live-in Care

Managing Finances

Why are our services different and better?

Interview and select your team in your area

Receive care from a member of your team, all of whom are insured and supported by the other team members

Directly contact any team member or the management at any time via our technology

Provide feedback at any time to your care team or the management to improve and customize services to meet your needs

How do our services work? A story from Lucy:

Three years ago, my mom, 82-years old at the time, drove to the ER by herself under a panic attack. The doctor said, because of her vascular dementia, she wouldn’t be able to drive or live alone anymore.

As a busy mom and professional myself, I hired a caregiver. Together, they do activities like cooking, gardening, and taking a walk in the park. This makes mom very happy.

But not for long, the caregiver moved to another city. My mom was very sad. For several weeks, I had to give up a lot of my job responsibilities to take care of her. It almost cost me my job.

Then I found TeamCarer. Their caregivers support each other; when a caregiver is not available, another will step in. They also use technology to facilitate communication, scheduling, and care coordination. I can even give a star rating to our caregiver.

Now, my mom and the new caregiver enjoy being together. Sharing tasks and companionship have made my mom a new person. I can now focus on my work and my own family. That is what I call peace of mind.

How is our staffing model different?

We take care of the basics as other home care companies do. All caregivers are certified as nursing assistants or home health aides. All are carefully selected, background-checked, and insured. But below are the reasons why we are different and more importantly, better.

Our caregivers are organized as a team of capable people who can trust each other

Caregivers work as a team, make decisions, and solve problems that result in the best overall individual care for your loved one

Team members support and empower each other clinically and emotionally

Caregivers can learn, grow, make friends, prosper, all the while making a difference in people’s lives

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