Ms. Cosby’s Story

“You’ve got to suck it up, you’ve got to let it go,” Ms. Cosby described her experience with the agency she worked for recently. “The client I had for five years passed away last week. She’s like family, you know. But no one, nobody asked me how I’m doing. The agency people just told me to go to another client. But I am so depressed and feel a part of me just left. I just can’t. They said, ‘Well, go ahead and take that time off, but don’t come back again.’ That hurts me. I’m not gonna get mad with anybody. I let it go.” But then she admitted, “it’s not easy, you know,” with tears in her eyes.

But, Ms. Cosby is Not Alone

Our unique service model allows caregivers just like Ms. Cosby to work together and support each other as a team. As caregivers, we make decisions together, try our best to serve clients, and create our own future. Are you a caregiver looking for a change?

Our Unique Service Model

You can organize a team of capable people you can trust.

You work as a team, make decisions, and solve problems that result in the best overall individual care for care recipients

You and your team members support and empower each other clinically and emotionally.

You can learn, grow, make friends, prosper, all the while making a difference in other people’s lives.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are deeply committed to the safety of our caregivers. Below is a summary of our protocol

  • Prior to a home visit, we will check if care recipients and individuals, who live together or will be present at the time of service, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have had contact with a person with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or have been diagnosed with or told by a healthcare provider that they may or do have COVID-19.
  • Caregivers should track their own health on a daily basis, wash hands thoroughly before and after serving a care recipient, and wear a face mask, a face shield, and hand gloves during service at the care recipient’s home. We will provide the necessary supplies.
  • Caregivers with signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection or exposure to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should self-isolate at home, inform the management, and if symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, team leads and the management will assist in contacting and following the local health department recommendations for the next steps.
  • When taking care of a care recipient with COVID-19, we will assist with caregivers to follow healthcare providers’ recommendations as well as CDC’s guideline including among others wearing a face mask (both caregiver and care recipient) and gloves during service and monitoring warning signs for the care recipient and seek emergency medical attention when needed.

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