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Why is our staffing model different?

At TeamCarer, we take care of the basics as other home care companies do.
All caregivers are certified as nursing assistants or home health aides.
All are carefully selected, background-checked, and insured. But below are the reasons why we are different and more importantly, better.

You can organize a team of capable people you can trust

You work as a team, make decisions, and solve problems that result in the best overall individual care for care recipients

You and your team members support and empower each other clinically and emotionally

You can learn, grow, make friends, prosper, all the while making a difference in other people’s lives

How can our model solve the existing staffing problem?

Mary Ann’s Story

“You’ve got to suck it up, you’ve got to let it go,” Mary Ann described her experience with the agency she worked for recently.

“The client I had for five years passed away last week. She’s like family, you know. But no one, not one… nobody asked me how I’m doing. The agency people just told me to go to another client. But I am so depressed and feel a part of me just left. I just can’t. They said, ‘Well, go ahead and take that time off, but don’t come back again.’ That hurt me. I’m not gonna get mad with anybody. I let it go.”

But then she admitted, “It’s not easy, you know,” with tears in her eyes.

But Mary Ann is not alone.

Our unique service model allows caregivers just like Mary Ann to work together and support each other as a team. As caregivers, we make decisions together, try our best to serve clients, and create our own future. Are you a caregiver looking for a change?

What kind of people are we looking for?


Enjoy helping others to make their lives better


Have problem solving skills


Be open to new approaches and feedback from others


Be willing to coach less experienced caregivers


Be honest to herself and others


Have patience and can manage feelings


Be willing to work with other caregivers


Be willing to stay for the long term

Remember, we are in this together to make a decent living and fulfill our purpose.
Join us to chart our own destiny!

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