A Family Looking for a Loving
and Trustworthy Caregiver?

As caregivers, we work and support each other as a team,
enabling us to provide more specialized and individualized
services that make a difference in the quality of our
care recipients’ lives.

Ms. Cooligan’s Story

“It’s been a frustrating experience, very frustrating…,” Ms. Cooligan stared at the floor, her eyes showing some desperation and helplessness. At age 89, she lives alone in west Boston, and two years ago, she started feeling difficulty in handling her daily living such as cooking meals and bathing. Her only daughter, Lucy, is living in California. Ms. Cooligan tried to use a home care agency, but its services were not to her satisfaction. Luckily, in her church, she got to know a young and smart girl from Brazil who had been helping her for the last six weeks. “I loved that girl, but she’s just gotten a good-paying job. I am happy for her.” Ms. Cooligan commented, but she has to find another capable, reliable, and trustworthy caregiver.

But, Ms. Cooligan is Not Alone

Teamcarer’s unique service model is designed to help seniors living at home, and we can help tens of thousands of people out there just like Ms. Colligan.

Our Unique Service Model

Select your team when there are two or more teams in your area.

Receive care from a caregiver that is insured, bonded, and supported by her team members.

Directly contact any team member or the management at any time via our technology.

Give feedback at any time to your care team or the management to improve services and meet your needs.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are deeply committed to the safety of our care recipients and their families. Below is a summary of our protocol

  • Every caregiver should check her body temperature before going to a care recipient’s home.
  • All caregivers at work should wash hands thoroughly before and after serving a care recipient, use hand sanitizers as needed, and wear a facemask, a face shield, and hand gloves during service at the care recipient’s home.
  • Caregivers with signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection or exposed to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should self-isolate at home, inform the management, and if symptoms are consistent with COVID-19, team leads and the management will assist in contacting and following the local health department recommendations for the next steps.
  • Caregivers exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19 are excluded from serving care recipients for 14 days and should monitor for symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

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