Home care services are provided in Brookline and Boston MA to assist diabetic patients in their daily needs. Diabetes is one of the most common yet deadly diseases suffered by many in the United States. Around 10% of people in the United States are diagnosed with diabetes. Another 7% are estimated to remain undiagnosed. We want to make sure your family member with diabetes gets the best care that they deserve in order to have the best quality of life.

How diabetes can affect senior citizens

Diabetes is a deadly disease if not managed properly. Although it can happen in all ages, the elderly definitely gets the majority of its impact. Following are some major ways that diabetes can affect senior citizens. I warn you; it isn’t good to hear:

  • Significant loss of weight causing loss of energy
  • Frequent need to urinate but unable to get to the bathroom quick enough
  • Unable to do basic tasks due to blurred vision
  • Irritability due to unable to do basic tasks

How home care services can help diabetic senior citizens

With age, your body is going through some major changes which you already have to deal with. If we throw diabetes into the mix, we reach a whole different level. It can become quite overwhelming at times, especially without any help. We understand that everyone has a busy life and it just isn’t possible to always be at our parent’s home, taking care of them. We truly want what’s best for them, we just aren’t available ourselves to provide that. It is therefore of immense benefit to hiring a home care service to handle all the care for us so we can be at peace knowing that they’re taken care of.

Our senior caregivers will assist in house chores which the senior is unable to do himself. They will make sure he gets something to eat and that he is properly assisted to the bathroom when required. They also will make sure he takes his medicine on time in order to control diabetic symptoms like weight and vision loss, as well as irritability.

Why our home care services are the best for you

We provide the best home care services in Brookline and Boston MA area. Our caregivers and attendants are some of the most resilient and dedicated people I know. There is not a task that they will not complete. And we provide care with love and genuine empathy for the senior citizens.

Find top home care services in Brookline and Boston MA for diabetics

TeamCarer provides team and technology-based care for in-home seniors who need daily living assistance such as bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, medication reminders, and other care needs. We are a local home health aide services company, with service areas in Boston, Brookline, Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Dedham, Westwood, Norwood, Medfield, Walpole, Canton, and Sharon. Contact us today to get started.