Can senior personal care assistance help prevent stroke?

Personal care assistance in Brookline and Boston MA recommends that a senior personal care attendant know the signs of a stroke to act quickly when they suspect a loved one is having one. Strokes cause the most severe long-term disabilities and are the fourth leading cause of death in the country. Seniors are at a higher risk of suffering a stroke.

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when there is a change in how the blood flows through the brain. Brain cells receive nutrients and oxygen from the blood. If your blood isn’t able to reach a part of your brain, the cells that don’t receive enough oxygen will suffer and eventually die. The brain cells can sometimes recover if they go without oxygen for a short amount of tie. But the cells cannot be brought back to life if they die. Because of this, if someone has a stroke, they may have difficulty thinking, speaking, or walking.

There are two types of strokes. The most commonplace is called an ischemic stroke; it is caused by narrowing a blood vessel that leads to the brain or when a blood clot is formed. This can keep blood from reaching other parts of the brain and keep the necessary nutrients and oxygen from getting to the brain cells. There are three conditions that can result in a blockage that causes an ischemic stroke:

  • Thrombosis, which is a formation of a clot in a blood vessel in the neck or brain.
  • Embolism is the movement of a clot from a different area of the body, such as a clot from the heart that moves to the brain or neck.
  • Fatty deposits can line the walls of the blood vessels, resulting in a severe narrowing of an artery that leads to or is in the brain.

The second type of stroke, called a hemorrhagic stroke, is a broken blood vessel that has caused bleeding in the brain. This break can stop nutrients and oxygen from reaching the brain cells.

Lifestyle changes recommended by personal care assistance in Brookline and Boston MA

Boston and Brookline MA personal care assistance recommend a senior personal care attendant implement changes to the exercise habits, diets, and lifestyle choices for your loved one. Whether you are looking to reduce their risk of a stroke or want to help your loved one adopt a more heart-healthy lifestyle, these changes can have a significant impact on preventing a stroke:

Prepare fresh veggies and fruits

You can see a positive impact on your loved one’s heart health by choosing to prepare more fresh foods instead of preparing prepackaged items, which can be loaded with preservatives. Reducing your loved one’s intake of foods high in trans fats, saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol can help lower their blood pressure and cholesterol; this can contribute to stroke and heart disease.

Aerobic activity

When it comes to preventing a stroke, physical activities can have a significant lifestyle impact. Whether it’s dancing, walking, swimming, or bike riding, incorporating at least 150 minutes a week of cardiovascular exercises can help to offset the severe risks of remaining sedentary. It’s not about which activity your loved one chooses; it’s more critical to participate regularly.

Top personal care assistance for Brookline and Boston MA area

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