Harry has done a superb job with my father who has dementia and Parkinson’s. He is very accommodating to my father’s needs, and he was able to get my father in the shower, nail care and a hair cut and a shave! My father looks forward to his visits! I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Very pleased!

Pam R.

I really like the company culture. It is a unique senior home care company; colleagues are knowledgeable, friendly, working as a team, and supporting each other. People put things in the open instead of holding grudges. In particular, I enjoy working with Thom, one of the owners. Thom looks at things from a 3,000-foot view first before diving into details; that way, we never lose our direction. Thom has extensive experience in working on startups in the elder care space; he knows ups and downs well and encourages us not to give up at difficult times. I am lucky to have all these great colleagues and the opportunity working towards a bright future!